Friday, June 06, 2008

Shannon, thanks for adding me on a contributor to this fun blog! I hope I can be as creative as you are and find the time for consistent posts.
We originally talked about creating this site for various people who needed to learn more about blogs. I’ve done some research on blogs and how to start one.

Here is a concise article about what is a blog, why start one, and what are some instructional implications and downsides.

I also performed another search for websites that host free blogs.,,, and (yahoo360) are very popular along with hundreds of other sites. Anyone can perform a Google search, enter: “free blogs” and have a wide buffet to choose.

And of course, I have to include an instructional video on why create a blog. Have a look-see at this short clip about how and why to create a blog. It's called Blogs in Plain English!
Finally, for the Student Affairs folks who want to see what other student affairs professionals are doing, they can read this blog and possibly join to journal their experiences with connecting with students.

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